Surveillance / Reconnaissance
The mobility of drones allows surveillance of blind spots of CCTV for more effective monitoring compared to the previous methods and the EO/IR camera is embedded for both daytime and nighttime monitoring. Also, it can quickly dispatch rescue to various accident sites based on real-time monitoring to track and arrest suspects and search for missing people within the golden time.
Emergency Supplies
Drones allow prompt transportation of blood samples and emergency paramedic supplies to people on islands and in secluded areas and enhance accessibility of healthcare and medical services available for islands and other secluded areas. Also, they can be used for various disaster sites and deliver everyday essentials or emergency medical supplies to the evacuees in areas that have become inaccessible due to the destruction of road systems or floods.
Disaster Control
In case of a fire, early containment is possible only when the major cause of ignition is located and the fire-extinguishing grenades are dropped onto it. The thermal imaging camera on the drone can efficiently search for survivors in the smoke that blocks the vision.
Public Safety Payload
Public Safety Payload
patrol and search
Searching for missing people in mountainous regions
Daytime/nighttime surveillance
Broad range of fire monitoring mission
Delivering the supplies for various purposes
Delivering rescue goods in case of a disaster
Accurate delivery to inaccessible regions
safety guard
Hazardous area alert
Control and guidance for dispatchers
Hazardous object monitoring and inspection
Ongoing patrol and monitoring of target areas
Fire Monitoring and disease control missions
Payload By UAV
airframe public safety payload
Exceptional for swift patrol and search of vast regions
High-performance and multi-spectrum Camera available for accurate topographical survey
EO/IR camera for Day and Night Surveillances
Search and Rescue Mission
Microphone, Speakers for real-time disaster control
Fire-extinguishing Grenades
Delivery Kit: Delivers emergency equipment for special purposes, e.g., AED
Fire-extinguishing Equipment: fire-extinguishing grenades, extinguishers, etc. for use in case of fire
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