main characteristics
13 m/s
Wind Resistance
Max. 45min
Operating Time
Maximum Take-Off Weight
Max. 60km/h
Maximum flying speed
Operating speed 0-54km/h (0-15m/s)
Operating time 30-45min
Maximum flying speed 60km/h (17m/s)
payload EO/IR, Gas Detection Sensor, Lidar, Speaker, etc.
Loading capacity 8kg
Unit weight 10.4kg
Maximum take-off weight 22kg
Gimbal 2-axis / 3-axis gimbal
size 1350 * 700
Purposes Facility Inspection, Precise Survey, Patrol/ Surveillance
EO/IR (Dual)
Daytime/Nighttime Search & Patrol
High Resolution Camera EO
Facility Inspection & Survey
Delivery Kit
Drone-based Transport System
For Avoiding Obstacles
Safety Devices
Parachutes, Buoyance Systems, etc.
Application and Reference
application and reference
Surveillance / Reconnaissance
Monitoring illegal activities in Maritime National Park in Korea
Short-distance Survey
Gathering Detailed specific area’s spatial information and cadastral survey for LX project in Korea
Military Operations
Air Defense Training System Drone for Korea Military
Multi-Rotor Drone for unmanned Military base surveillance
Facility Inspection
AI-based precise inspection unit for Buildings and constructions
Precise Survey
Supplied as radio frequency testing drone
Drone face recognition system application project
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