Military Training
Drones are deployed for various military operations in contemporary warfare. Various drones are operated for each military mission, including patrol/monitoring of battalions, infiltration of small-sized bases, and defense operations. Military operations using drones allow efficient operation of missions in secluded areas with no loss and only a fraction of cost and secure tactical excellence.
Surveillance / Reconnaissance
Drones can be used to patrol operation areas and monitor the enemies during day/nigh, transport supplies to secluded areas, and relay communication signals where wireless communication is unavailable.  Also, they detect harmful gases in battlegrounds for the soldiers to be prepared for CBR battles.
Military operation Payload
Military operation Payload
Border monitoring during day and night
Military training
Delivery Kit
Military supplies
Thermal camera
Monitoring military bases at night
Nighttime warfare
Hits and disables targets
Payload By UAV
Airframe Military operation Payload
Camera: Swiftly patrols and searches the target areas to identify the movements of enemies for counteractions
GCS Camera: GPS for accurate topographical information to identify the location of target
IR, Thermal Imaging Camera: Identification of activities during activities and monitoring enemies
Delivery Kit: Customized equipment for each mission to maximize the efficiency of execution
Thermal Imaging/IR Camera: Monitoring/patrol mission during night
Sufficient loading capacity to transport the necessary equipment for each mission
Camera: Ensures safe patrol/monitoring of bases tactical excellence of allies
Delivery Kit: Swiftly and accurately delivers emergency and rescue supplies in urgent situations
Grenades: disables targets and supports various military operations
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