Hello.  Welcome to PRENEU. we are striving to create and share new, innovative values.  PRENEU Co., Ltd. is named after ‘entrepreneur’ that refers to ‘anyone who takes risks and initiatives to create new, innovative values using vision, driving force, and creativity.’  PRENEU started business in the drone market by launching DRONEiT, a brand specialized in drones, with the statement to ‘provide customers with customized value added through convergence of our original IoT sensor technology and aviation technology with various other industries,’ in 2017 when drones were beginning to be recognized as a key player of the 4th industry.  Starting with the distribution of drones for training purposes, we have expanded business to manufacturing industrial units and drone operation services.  We have also developed Smart AI drones supported by IoT to be known as one of Korea’s best drone makers and grown to be a global company beyond the territories of Korea.  All members of PRENEU are making utmost efforts to provide efficient value for various industrial sites, public safety needs, and military operations through the convergence of drone and IT technologies.  We will make efforts to become a company that benefits the entire society through drones with ceaseless technological development.  Thank you.   
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Company Name
Brand Name
Founding Date
Business Field
Industrial UAV planning / manufacturing
Platform service
HQ Address
325, Sandan-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea,15426
Research Center
Located within HQ and plant
Distinguished Engineering/Manufacture
Distinguished engineering from the existing UAV
Local infrastructure for the entire process including engineering, assembly, and production.
Essential certifications, including all necessary patent technology, direct production certificates, KC certificates, etc.
SW & HW Development Capacity and Essential Parts Embedded
Software development capacity for aviation control and navigation (FC/GCS)
Original engineering/manufacture technology for HW systems and various action devices
IT convergence sensors, modules, and embedded system development capacity
Intellectual Property Rights and Various Certificates
Patents and trademarks/designs registered
Startup Certification
Letter of Acknowledgement for R&D Center
Direct Production Certificate
Innovative Products, Public Procurement Service
Excellence in TCB Technology Evaluation
KC Certificate
IP Certificate
ISO 9001
PRENEU is a brand specialized in drones and ceaselessly challenging and striving to meet market needs and improve technology.
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