Key Benefits
product descriptions
Convenient Mission Planning
Click on the map to write the mission and adjust the detailed settings
Use patterns for simplified survey and corridor missions
Multi-Unit Control
Several units can be controls on a single screen
Able to carry out more than one mission at once
Monitoring flight information and data from several Drones in one GCS
Unit Status Display
The image-based Widget intuitively displays the current status of unit and customizes the detailed information to provide accurate status of unit
Key Features
main function
Provides real-time flight information, such as flight mode, altitude, flight speed, flight distance, camera status, GPS coordinates, and battery life
Real-time flight/video controller
Real-time video monitoring
LTE-based video transmission
Automated navigation of route
Automated takeoff/return/landing/flight/action according to topography and mission
Various flight control (PRO)
3D map (PRO)
Collision information in the flight route (PRO)
Connection to UTM (PRO)
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