Agricultural Control
The multi spectrum sensor installed on drones transmits various wavelengths of bands to identify the vegetation index and prevent damages from harmful insects and diseases on farmlands and forests. Drones can easily identify seasonal changes on vast farmlands and inaccessible forests. Drones help to convert the data into numeric values to analyze the anticipated harvest time of crops or problems to the growth of arbors.
Agricultural Disease Control
Accurate GPS survey systems and flight route settings can prevent redundant spraying of pesticides and drifting for efficient and economical disease control plans. Drones can replace people in various work environments, such as hills, terraced fields, etc. Also, the units are embedded with obstacle-avoiding feature to ensure safe flights each time.
Ongoing Crop Control
Crop monitoring from seeding to harvest can efficiently plan and execute fertilizer and pesticide sprays, disease prevention, and growth control. Systemized and ongoing crop control maximizes profitability and allows risk control. Convenient interfaces and simple manipulation can significantly save labor cost and time.
Precision agriculture Payload
Precision agriculture Payload
Multi Spectral
Disease detection
Farm survey
Optical Camera
Prediction of harvest
Delivery kit
Payload By UAV
Airframe Precision agriculture Payload
Lidar: Economical plans through agricultural field survey
Camera: Prevents damages to crops by monitoring harmful tidal activities 24/7
Monitoring crops in real-time during day and night
GCS: Suggest the best Mission Plan for Sprays fertilizers and pesticides
Sprayer: Swift and safe spraying of pesticides for disease prevention
Camera: Monitoring lands and crops in real-time to instantly respond to unpredicted accidents
Controller/GCS: Obstacle-avoiding feature makes safe and effective job possible
Sprayer: Sprays pesticides safely and economically
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